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What to expect from Season 3 of the Writing Center podcast...

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Next week's show, The Decline of Print Media, may feature an appearance from some of your favorite extinct childhood friends. No, not Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus or *NSYNC. DINOSAURS!!!!

Word of Mouth: A BYU Writing Center Production

For years the Writing Center has provided students with writing help with every imaginable paper below the academic sun. But our devotion to language and composition has always extended beyond the scholastic and pedagogical. For this reason, last Spring we focused all our energy and time in developing a project that would address those aspects that we are often unable to address and explore in our daily tutoring. The product of all our efforts is the official BYU Writing Center podcast: Word of Mouth.

Word of Mouth reflects our love of language, composition and our devotion to the BYU community. It explores through short etymological segments, book reviews, and engaging shows the intrinsically human need to create, tell, and retell stories.

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